Shopping in Bageshwar

Shopping in BageshwarWhile we speak about several modes of entertainment and things to do, one of the most exciting and entertaining option is shopping in the exclusive markets of Bageshwar. It is one of the prominent districts of Uttarakhand with the best scenic beauty and excellent ambiance appreciated by travelers from all parts of the country. It is one of the prominent religious places of the country and many devotees from faraway places visit the district and its pious shrines all throughout the year. One of the main entertainment modes for this huge number of travelers as well as the natives is the shopping sites present in the district.

Markets in Bageshwar

Though there are no shopping malls or high end market place in Bageshwar but still there are some quality market zones in the city. Apart from Bageshwar City Market where almost all products are available there are other prominent market places which can also be explored for various products

Sirkote Market
Bank of Gomti River
Bageshwar Ho
Uttarakhand 263642

Main Market Garur
Kd Pandey Street
Garur Bageshwar
Uttarakhand 263641

In Bageshwar there are various stores with quality products to suit the requirement of the buyers. In the markets there are availability of all kinds of products starting from garments to electronic goods, home utensils to home d├ęcor, grocery stores to jewellery markets and many others. Some of these stores are listed below for reference:

Garment Shops

Hari New Joshi Fancy Store
Bageshwar Ho, Kalori, Puspnagar
Chaumal, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9848542743

Chandola Woolen Center & Ready Garments
Garur, Bageshwar, Bageshwar HO
Neare SBI ATM, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9675956400

Cotton County Exclusive Store
Mall Rd, Bageshwar HO, Nr Petrol Pump, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9412038097

Sabri Readymade Garments
Vill. Badiakot, Kapkote, Near Main Road, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263632
Phone: 9411544841

Electronic Goods Showroom in Bageshwar

Bhandari Electronics
Bageshwar Ho, Main Market, Garur
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9917711080, 05963 250018, 05963 250017, 05963 250767

Narendra Traders
Narender Palace, Pindari Glacier Rd
Bageshwar HO, Kaikhuria, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9412045216, 9917133317, 05963 220166, 05963 210066

Bharat Electronics
Bageshwar HO, Bharadi, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9837210536, 9458439818

Vinod Electrician
Village & Post -Balna, Kausani, Kausani
Near Anashakti Ashram, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263639
Phone: 9458372315

Grocery Stores
Mehta Super Store
Sahara Q Shop, Bageshwar Ho, Sahara Office
Chowk Bazaar, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9458341111

Kumaun General Store
Sahara Q Shop, Bageshwar Ho, Pindari Road
Thakur Dwar, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9837914863

Negi Provision Store
Gwaldam Road, Bageshwar HO
Teet Bazar Garur, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9758728705

Home Appliance Dealers in Bageshwar

Ram Lal Nand Lal Sah Gangola
Bageshwar Ho, Main Market, Katyur Bazaar
Near Baghnath Mandir, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9412044488, 9917903318, 05963 220118

Computer Stores in Bageshwar

Nice It Solution
Pindari Road, Bageshwar Ho
Near Jal Sansthan, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9897326043, 9412105793, 7830359009, 05963 220228

Bagnath Computers

Taluka Road, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9410569270

Book Stores in Bageshwar

Karmayal Book Store
Station Road, Bageshwar HO
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 222062

Apart from this there are daily and weekly markets on various Chowk across the city which meets up the needs of every household.
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