Utilities and Services in Bageshwar

Bageshwar is an integral part of the Kumaon division of Uttarakhand. It is a major tourist location as well as an area with considerable population. The administration of Bageshwar is well aware of the fact that for proper living of the inhabitants, and to boost the tourist industry and fetch economical growth, it is important to make the place well facilitated and more habitable. That is why, today Bageshwar is a city with all necessary services available within its area starting from medical facilities, markets, employment, educational institutes, financial companies, real estate market and many others. In a nutshell a host of services are available in Bageshwar city for all.

Electricity Services in Bageshwar

Electricity in Bageshwar is given by UPCL or Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd. The company was formed in 2001 and it looks after all services related to the distribution, production, complaints and new connection. There are several villages under Bageshwar district that have electricity facility provided by UPCL and there are some which are in the proposed network to have electricity soon. In Bageshwar there substations of UPCL named as Bageshwar, Kafligair, Kausani, Garur falling under Bageshwar Subdivision I and Kanda and Kapkote falling under Bageshwar Subdivision II. These stations look after proper transmission of power to the designated areas.

Water Services in Bageshwar

Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan is the administrative body looking after the water distribution in Bageshwar area. They are responsible for clear drinking water in the area and best sewage management. The department looks after the maintenance of the water lines and proper distribution of water to every household. Bageshwar does not have any operation related office of the department but has a maintenance division in the area.

Bageshwar Maintenance Division
Shri P.S. Garia
Executive Engineer (Incharge)
Phone: 05963220038, 9412094559
Email: [email protected]

Block Development in Bageshwar

Development in Bageshwar is done through Panchayat Samiti, where all works related to the tehsil is done. The Panchayat Samiti is overall supervised by a Government deputed officer designated as block development officer. The responsibilities of the department include works related to administration, finance, public works, health, agriculture, social welfare, education, women empowerment, child development and many others. The department is actually the in-charge for the overall development of the area. However, there is a Chief Block development Officer who monitors the activity of the area as well as the works of Block development officer of particular areas.

Chief Block Development Officer
Phone: 05963 221258, 05963 220858
Email: [email protected]

Block Development Officer, Bageshwar
Phone: 05963 220055

Block Development Officer, Kapkote

Phone: 05963 253036

Block Development Officer, Garur

Phone: 05963 250015

Nagar Palika Parishad Bageshwar

The administration of Bageshwar is divided into 4 tehsils, 3 development blocks, 35 Nyaya Panchayats and 397 Gram Sabhas. There is one Nagar Palika Parishad which looks after all administrative works related to the district. It is the duty of the department to look after the works related to infrastructure, cleanliness, hygienic environment, water supply assurance, sanitation, public health, street lights and many more. Even the issuance of birth and death certificates falls under the jurisdiction of the Nagar Palika Parishad.

Nagar Palika Parishad
Numish Ground, Bageshwar District
Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 220030

Sh Bhupal Singh Manral
District Magistrate

Fire Services in Bageshwar

One of the most important emergency service is the fire services department at any location. Bageshwar has its own fire station which looks after any emergency situation in the area. For any urgent situation in relation to fire brigade services, one can contact

Fire Station Officer
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 220101

Banking Services in Bageshwar

Proper banking facility is a right for all individuals and since Bageshwar is one of the progressive cities of the state and a prime tourist spot , the city is well facilitated with sufficient banking services from a considerable number of banks of both public and private sector. Bageshwar is filled with many small scale industries and agriculture is the prime business here and all this industries need a proper financial support to secure their savings and make more profits through investment of all kinds. The banks not only help to keep their savings but also help to do transactions for their business through current account and transfer funds. There are loan facilities at all banks to help the people regarding various financial crises.

Some of the banks operating in Bageshwar are State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, Nainital Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Yes Bank and many others.

Postal Services in Bageshwar

One of the most important services for a well administered society is the postal services. It is the post office which takes care of the postal requirements of the area. In Bageshwar district there are 29 post offices which are divided into Branch Post Office and Sub Post Offices. These offices take care of the postal works of the city as well as help in safe keeping of financial investments with good returns. The post offices which fall under the jurisdiction of Bageshwar district are Bageshwar, Ason, Queralli, Are, Amsarkote, Harbarh, Baisani, Pandrapali, Bahuli, Chirang, Darimthok, Jaulkande, Doba Katyur, Dug Bazar, Falyati, Malta, Ghiroli, Bhatoli, Harsila, Jagthana, Bilonasera, Jaulkande, Kanyalikote, Dewalchaura, Kathayatbara, Mandalsera, Udera, Tuper, Gadera and Purkuni.

Telecom Services in Bageshwar

Telecom Services is another most important service. One can hardly think of life without the facility of any time communication through mobile phones and several telecom service providers. BSNL service is hugely popular in Bageshwar but along with it one can find networks of popular telecom service providers like Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular etc. Internet services here are majorly provided by Reliance and BSNL users.

BSNL Office

Bageshwar Ho, Telephone Exchange,
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 221500
Website: www.bsnl.co.in

Media in Bageshwar

Bageshwar is well facilitated with radio stations, private channels and DTH services. The media service here is a prominent part of daily entertainment as well as a popular medium of spreading awareness and connecting with the other parts of the country. Newspapers also serve a major part in spreading consciousness and in Bageshwar this is done with the help of popular newspapers like Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran in Hindi and Hindustan Times in English.

Passport Agent in Bageshwar

For passport related queries the people of Bageshwar needs to visit District Passport Cell or the Regional Passport Office at Dehradun since Bageshwar falls under its jurisdiction. The office at Dehradun deals with all complains and renewal related queries and conduct interviews for new passport. Though passport can be applied online there are some who can assist to apply for the same.
One of such Passport agent is listed below

Negi Travel

Gwaldam Road, Teet Bazar Garur
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9758728705, 9837914143

RPO Dehradun
12, New Road, Aroma Hotel, Dehradun
Phone: 0135 2652165
E-mail: [email protected]

Pan Card Consultants in Bageshwar

Just like Voter Identity Card another important Government ID card is the Pan Card issued by the Income Tax Department of India. The Pan card holds a distinctive Pan no which is unique for every person and the picture of the card holder. This is used for tax calculation and also for major financial transactions. The application for the same is much easy and the card can be received at a cheap cost. There are some authorized agents based in Bageshwar, who can help in application of the card. Some of these agents are listed below

Alankit Assignments Limited
Tehsil Road Bageshwar, Bageshwar HO
Opp.Tehsil Office Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 221600

Karvy Data Management Services Ltd
Mali Road, Bageshwar HO
Nr.post Office Opp.petrol Pump, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9412423620, 05963 220805

Integrated Registry Services Ltd
Near Bharara Hardwear Gagrigol(Garur)
Bageshwar, Uttarakhand 263641
Phone: 05963 250127, 9837210180
Email: rajbharara.smc @gmail.com

Packers and Movers in Bageshwar

Packers and Movers is an important service provider specially when there is a need of transferring a huge chunk of goods. There can be a business shift or a residential shift and in both varieties security of products, good handling and efficient work is required. Though Bageshwar does not have many packers and movers' offices in the district but there are companies based elsewhere but have their operation in Bageshwar. Some Packers and Movers in Bageshwar are listed below for reference

KGN Goods Carrier
Bageshwar HO, Tit Bzr Garud, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9458303200, 9410858779

Lakshmi Cargo Carriers
Phone: 9760414788

Maa Kali Packers Movers

Phone: 0522 4001313, 9415391288

Shiv Packers & Movers

Phone: 9415795775, 7398175045

Thirumalaa Packers And Movers

Phone: 9841509846

Cargo India Packers And Movers

Phone: 9333333066, 9330119361

Gas Agencies in Bageshwar

Today most people prefer to use LPG connection for their household works and it is counted an extremely essential service. Taking a gas connection is not so difficult and one can do the same easily by visiting any gas agency office in the area and submit the necessary documents and the required fees for the same. Among the popular gas service providers operating in the country, Bageshwar has operations of Indane Gas and there is an authorized agent in the area for refilling services as well as to cater new applicants. The details of Indane Gas Agency

Bageshwar Gas Service

Bageshwar Ho, Tehsil Road
Kmvn Unit, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 220066

Real Estate Agents in Bageshwar

One of the most popular and trusted mode of investment is in real estates. In Bageshwar, there is a considerable demand of properties in terms of land purchase and sell as well as house purchase, sell and rent. The most demanding property here is agricultural land and rental house for official use. There are efficient agents who can be contacted for better property as well as a better deal in this matter.

Bhandari Property Delar And Building Construction
Kausani, Village And Post – Kausani
Bageshwar Uttarakhand263639
Phone: 8937845451

Joshi Property Adviser
Station Rd, Bageshwar HO
Vill Kanda, Bageshwar - 263642
Phone: 8057716632, 9690082467

Petrol Pumps in Bageshwar

Being an important tourist location and a developing city, Bageshwar has multiple filling stations across the district to facilitate transports on the roads. Some of the trusted and reputed petrol pumps of Bageshwar are

Hsd Ashoka Filling Station
37, Takula Road, Bageshwar Ho
Majiakhet, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9412092156

Bagnath Fuels
Bageshwar Ho, Village Bilona
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9415062476

Bajrang Fuels
Bageshwar Ho, Village Are
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9912803295

Bajrang Oil
11, Baijnath, Garur
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263641
Phone: 9914547832

Mobile Phone Repairing Services in Bageshwar

Just as the popularity for mobile services have increased in the last few years, the demand for excellent mobile repairing services have grown too. There is always a requirement of good engineers who can repair phones of various makes and different models. In Bageshwar there is availability of good mobile repairing centers which can do repairing works on all brands of mobile devices. Some of these servicing companies are listed below for reference

Ravi Mobile Repairing Centre
Takula Road, Bageshwar Ho
Near Gomti Pul, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 8065534271

New Hightek Mobile Repairing
Station Road, Bageshwar Ho, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9759309618

Nileshwar Computers
Dug Bazar, Kanda Road
Kanda, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263631
Phone: 8057789181

Paying Guest Accomodation in Bageshwar

Many people prefer to stay in PG accommodation and avail services for a homely living. Bageshwar also has the facility of PG accommodation where one can take room for rent for specific period of time. Meal services are provided here on the basis of request. Rent is taken as charges for room only along with cleaning, other services like meal are usually not included in it. One has to pay separately for them.

Some of the best paying Guest accommodation available in Bageshwar is

Shubham Paying Guest House
Vill & Post Kausani Near Sagar Hotel
Bageshwar Ho, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 7579132184, 05963 258084

Himadri Lodge
Dug Bazaar, Bageshwar Ho,
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 258265

Photographers and Photo Studios in Bageshwar

Photography is a skilled profession and it has seen massive popularity in the last few years. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in this field. Every social occasion prefers to have photography done. Even any official work needs photograph attachment for better identity. One of the well equipped and modern technology based Photo studio in Bageshwar is

Krishna Photo Studio
Kausani, Pant Marg Kausani
Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263639
Phone: 9412924224

Chandan Photo Studio & Video Coverage
Bageshwar HO, Gram Siri
Post Harsiyabagar, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9456216567, 9456894054

Bhagwat Photo Studio & Tent House
Bageshwar HO, Gram & Post Tachni
Near High School, Gurna, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9837687229, 9012443091

Insurance in Bageshwar

Insurance products are truly important for every individual. It produces a financial security in case of any loss. Be it human life, automobiles, health or expensive goods in the house all can be insured for certain damages. Even as a financial security people save under various insurance schemes for a better tomorrow. And to provide the best of the insurance products according to individual's need there are insurance agents or advisers who can help in the best way possible.

Some of these Insurance Companies are

SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd
First Floor, Hotel Siddhartha
Station Road, Bageshwar Ho, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 220032

Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited
1st Floor, Tehsil Road, Bageshwar Ho
Opposite Vodafone Office, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 220142,180030008181
Website: www.reliancelife.com

Some of the popular Insurance agents are

Bachy Singh Manral
Bageshwar HO
Gram Bhatkhola Post Cant, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9412044418

Chandan Singh Negi
Manpur West,Po-Ganesh- Kattha Factory
Devalchaur Haldwani, Uprara, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263631
Phone: 9018777091

Vipin Chandra Joshi
Village Lakhani. Bageshwar
Bageshwar Ho, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 05963 220035, 05963 221149

Naveen Chandra Joshi
Gram Kalota, Post Bilona
Bageshwar HO, Bageshwar Uttarakhand 263642
Phone: 9411544901, 9639209244

In a nutshell it can be stated that Bageshwar is one of those locations of Uttarakhand which is not at all devoid of services that may help to live a better life. In fact there is almost everything though choice for each category is limited. However this is known to the administrative department and that is why more people are encouraged in various businesses to make the place more developed.

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